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The migratory birds are filling the sky and horses are enjoying being outside for a whole day. Spring is coming and Pivarootsi is waking up from the peaceful winter sleep. It is time to stretch and make plans about BMC in July as well.

About the housing:
The guest house has twin rooms, accommodation in twin room costs 10 euros per night. Please find the form for booking the Pivarootsi BMC summer accommodation HERE!  

Pivarootsi Manor, Lääne maakond, Estonia

The Manor is located in " the middle of nowhere". It comes with a sky full of stars, crisp air, views of fields and the sea a stone-throw away. The farm is a short drive from the ferries to the Saarenmaa Islands, There are well stocked grocery stores in the nearby small-towns Virtsu and Lihula, about 15 minutes drive away. In the village you can also find everything from smoked fish and berries to antiques and craft . It is possible to borrow the car or a bike to get around.

The space 

 A 16:th century building on the large manor property has been converted in to a cozy guesthouse. Follow the path across our field to the Baltic Sea and pick some berries on your way. Watch the horses graze through your window, take a few swings at the neighbors golfcourse, set your kids and your spirit free.  The guest house is a rustic traditional stone building with 6 rooms that can host up to 20 people. The building has a kitchen, a sauna with showers and two toilets.
On the property there is a Manor house, a stable and a couple of side buildings. At the moment there are 4 horses, a few cats, chickens and dogs on the farm.

Guest access

You will have a fully equipped, modern kitchen, a sauna, showers, two toilets and a large common area with fireplace and a long table that easily fits 12 guests.

Other things to note

The property boards the sea, and even if there are some stones on the beach, it it possible to go swimming. The big wood heated sauna can be heated up for a small additional cost. There are beautiful walking paths through fields and farmland. The guesthouse is a short walk from the sea.

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Organ System Course

Organ System 02 - 09 November 2017
Estonia, Saue
Teachers Jens Johannsen, Mari Mägi, Olive Bieringa

Our organs are vital and alive. They provide us with our sense of self, full-bodiedness, and organic authenticity. Organs are the contents within the skeletal-flesh container and carry on the functions of our internal survival -- breathing, nourishment and elimination. Organs are the primary habitats or natural environments of our emotions, aspirations, and the memories of our inner reactions to our personal histories. They support our postural tone and our feelings, and give volume to our movement.
This course includes:
  • Initiating breath, voice, movement and touch from the organs. 
  • Analyzing imbalances in individual organs and the organ system as a whole.
  • Techniques to facilitate access to and balance in the organs. 

Please let your interest be known to before 10th of October so we can plan accordingly. Looking forward to hear from you! 
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