Somaatikum is proud to announce the first Body-Mind Centering® certification program in Estonia. In the autumn of 2016, we were happy to have Bonnie, Len and Basha in Estonia for a great workshop weekend where dreams and negotiations about the BMC® Estonian SBMC licensed certification program aligned into unity and the first Somatic Movement Education Program is ready to start in August 2017.

The Somatic Movement Education program will be taught in English.

The first two courses of the program (Skeletal System and Organ System) will take place in Somaatikum Studio in Saue, Pärnasalu 31.. Beginning in the summer of 2018, when the days are long and the nights are short, courses will take place at the seaside in Pivarootsi Manor.

2017 summer

Skeletal System August 10 to August 20

2017 autumn

*Organ System November 3 to November 9

2018 summer

 Senses and Perception 1 July 03 to July 06

Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) July 9 to July 16

Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses (RRR)

 July 19 to July 25

Ontogenetic Development July 28 to August 01

2019 summer

Ligamentous System July 01 to July 08

 Fluid System July 11 to July 17

Nervous System July 19 to July 27

2020 summer

Endocrine System July 06 to July 10

Muscular System July 13 to July 23

Professional Issues 1 July 26 to July 27

Competency 1 July 29